Preventive Care Screening Is a Key Component of Early Diagnosis

Is early diagnosis always best? As it relates to cancers, many experts believe that timely detection can lead to more successful treatments and outcomes. When it comes to diseases like Alzheimer's, early detection may not prevent irreversible damage. However, many professionals feel that if detected soon enough, initial treatment can slow down the progression of cognitive decline in some cases. Preventive care screenings like a body scan okc can possibly save lives by detecting issues before they get serious.

What Are CT Scans?f

A CAT, CT, or computed tomography scan is a diagnostic test similar to conventional X-rays, in that the radiologist takes multiple images of inside a person's body. CT scans, however, produce images with a more significant refinement than X-rays of blood vessels, internal organs, soft tissue, and bones.

What Are the Benefits of CT Scans?

CT scans can accurately and quickly get cross-sectional pictures of all tissue types. Ideally, doctors use them for the following:

Examining the pelvis, abdomen, and chest
Detecting lymphoma and various forms of cancer, such as cancers of the pancreas, lung, ovary, kidney, and liver =
Confirming the existence, location, and size of a tumor
Diagnosis, detection, and treatment of stroke-causing vascular diseases and kidney failure
Evaluating spinal and other skeletal injuries
Looking at tiny bones and surrounding tissue, like blood vessels and muscle

CT scans can also take images of the lungs, heart, and brain. Head CT scans typically get used for the following:

Detection of skull fractures, brain injury, and bleeding caused by head trauma
Blood clots or bleeding inside the brain almost immediately following stroke symptoms
Brain tumors
Enlarged brain ventricles or cavities
Malformations of the skull

Preparing for a Body Scan

When a person goes in for the exam, he or she should wear loosefitting, comfortable clothing. The doctor may give the person a gown to wear. Additionally, patients should not wear any metal objects, like dentures, jewelry, or eyeglasses. If possible, the patient should remove all piercings. Patients should not drink or eat beforehand if dye or contrast material will get used. It is vital that patients inform the doctor of recent medical conditions and if there is a history of thyroid problems, heart or kidney disease, diabetes, or asthma.

The professionals at Advanced Body Scan Oklahoma City can use a CT scanner for enhanced preventive screenings to detect irregularities, great or small, to improve the likelihood of surviving a worsening condition.